My name is Calum Adams, I live in the UK, I make stuff.

I'm obsessed with the world of creativity, when I see something I like I find it difficult to fight the itch of attempting it myself, leading me to experience a range different paths, styles, and techniques. I started with design initially, and it continues to be my primary love to this day. I've spent countless hours staring at screens and pieces of paper travelling down the multitude of mental roads leading to viable ideas and interesting outcomes.

I have a passion for the weird and wonderful; I'm keen on art that contains an immaculate blend of colour and grunge. Despite this, I'm also quite the perfectionist. I consider it a valuable trait in many areas and a horrific curse in most others. The smallest detail that is out of place can and probably will bug me until I set it right. Even the very code on this site has been carefully checked for inconsistency across pages.

I have a bit of a bizarre love for the colour orange, which probably explains why my favourite animals are tigers (penguins do tend to come close, however).

Photography is a small hobby of mine, namely macro, although I do equally have a soft spot for scenery. I take an eager interest in urban photography, images that appear post-apocalyptic are food for my eyes.

I've been creating for over half a decade and during that time built up extensive knowledge and a diverse portfolio. There's so much more that I aim to experience in my short lifetime. This website is designed to be a showcase for that.