My name is Calum Adams, I live in the UK, I make stuff.

My interests lie in the realm of creativity, the world is filled with so much diversity and expression it's difficult not to be inspired!

I started with Graphic Design at secondary school and further, learning about techniques and ideas used to form the foundations of appealing, practical applications; Understanding the elements that make visuals pleasing to the eye, and the merits of breaking the rule book when it conflicts. Over the years I've experimented in multiple different areas, including branding, web, and print.

Turning this passion into a hobby has opened the door to many fascinating areas of design, and enabled the discovery of some truly fantastic artists and their chosen mediums. While I can never hope to reach such a level, I absolutely aim to have a jolly good go regardless!

I hope that you like browsing this showcase of my work so far, and do feel free to say hi using the contact form on the next page!